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Schools in Puducherry UT

Puducherry UT has four regions, namely Puducherry, Karaikal,
Mahe and Yanam. Karaikal is geographically located within Tamilnadu
State borders, Mahe within Kerala State borders and Yanam within
Andrapredesh State borders.

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Region Management # schools
Puducherry Govt 270
Puducherry Aided 25
Puducherry Pvt 204
Puducherry SW 1
Puducherry KV 2
Puducherry JNV 1
Karaikal Govt 101
Karaikal Aided 7
Karaikal Pvt 57
Karaikal SW 1
Karaikal KV 1
Karaikal JNV 1
Mahe Govt 17
Mahe Pvt 14
Mahe KV 1
Mahe JNV 1
Yanam Govt 24
Yanam Aided 1
Yanam Pvt 11
Yanam JNV 1

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